DEAD MAN'S WALK from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. With five members all from a different direction in Metal we decided to play Death- and Thrash Metal our own way. Put some groove into the music with heavy vocals, pounding strings and thrashy drums.

DEAD MAN'S WALK are (from left to right):

In 2011 DEAD MAN'S WALK arose like a phoenix arises from its ashes! Jeroen van der Grift and Petra Guijt joined DEAD MAN'S WALK and this reanimated the band completely. For the first time with two guitars in the band we seek new ways to give the band the sound it needs to deliver. Besides the existing songs we immediately started to write new songs. In 2012 we won the Geldersch Metal Treffen pre-party together with Seita. We've even crossed the borders and did our first gig outside of the Netherlands at JoZZ in Sulingen, Germany.

All that new found energy was recorded at Beatpoint Studio in Krefeld, Germany by Klaus Spangenberg and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound. We selected five of our best songs that represent DEAD MAN'S WALK to the fullest. This EP, entitled 'Life Denied', was released on the 11th of Juli 2014 in Luxor Live, Arnhem!

DEAD MAN'S WALK shared the stage with well known acts as: Beheaded (MLT), Hanzel und Gretyl (USA), Kataklysm (CAN) to name a few. We will get you all moving, thrashing and banging your head till it falls off. With an energetic but straightforward performance we give an old fashioned and modern feeling to a show. Reason enough to come see us and the more than enough reason to book us!

DEAD MAN'S WALK is influenced by bands like Annihilator, At The Gates, Carcass, Entombed, Exodus, Testament, Slayer and many, many more.